Our Story

Who are Wren & Rabbit?

Wren & Rabbit is the brain child of Kate Bowman and Lizzy Howe. Very late one night (or early one morning, to be totally accurate), trapped in the depths of festival planning, they looked at each other across a conference table strewn with spreadsheets and empty coffee cups and were simultaneously blinded by a thought: “we need to do this for ourselves”. Thus Wren & Rabbit was born.

Wren & Rabbit was conceived of initially as an event management and styling business. Over the past five years, W&R has had the honour and pleasure of working with some of Canberra’s (and the nation’s) most prestigious businesses, including the Canberra Airport, Westfield, Majura Park Shopping Centre, Winning Appliances, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Singapore Airlines, Pialligo Estate, the Canberra Raiders, Denman Prospect and more.

As the years passed, the business slowly evolved towards a greater focus on floristry and styling, with elements of editorial and interior styling slowly taking over the team’s hearts. At the same time, a secret burning desire to open a retail store began to look like a reality. And as with the original conception of the business, one day Kate and Lizzy looked at each other and asked a new question: “what if we open a shop?” Thus Wren & Rabbit Interiors was born.

Beginning with a focus on importing a range of antiques, homewares, jewellery and fashion from across the breadth of Indonesia, the shop has quickly expanded its horizons to include pieces from India, Morocco and Mexico.

Oh hey there!

Kate & Lizzy are the dynamic duo behind Wren & Rabbit. Best friends and work wives, theirs is a friendship forged through the fires of 24 hour work days, excessive coffee consumption, and a mutual passion for creativity without boundaries. They are the force behind Wren & Rabbit, with a combined creative and events career spanning 20+ years.